Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Best Bathroom of All Time!

I set myself up with that title, huh?

I really and truly believe that D. and I created the best bathroom of all time. But its the best bathroom for US, so your definition could differ.

I'm not going to chat too much about what we did.  I'll let the pictures (mostly) speak for themselves.

We installed heated flooring:

We waterproofed the hell out of the shower walls - which is why they're pink - and then installed mosaic tile on the floors, both in the shower and on the rest of the floor.

We added a marble mosaic tile border to the shower:

We chose a classic subway tile pattern for the rest of the shower. It goes floor to ceiling.

Marble went on all of the thresholds in the shower:

And then we had a completed bathroom...............hahahaha. Just kidding. It took a lot longer, but I'm going to show the finished pictures anyway. Starting with the shower.

This is probably the MOST amazing shower in the history of indoor plumbing. It has a rainhead shower fixture and a wand.

My one regret? Why didn't I clean the outside of that EFFING window? Seriously? I'm an idiot...

The rest of the bathroom is nearly as fabulous. We wanted lots of storage and we got it. Big thanks to our cabinet makers who didn't necessarily agree with my choices, but always listened and then did what I wanted. They are the best!


Installation of the linen closet:

The linen closet is in place. Hallelujah!

Finally, everything else in place. Including the marble counters:

A note on the marble counters......God I wish I was a photographer. They look beige in every picture I take but in reality they are the perfect grey/white/greige.  Seriously, they are perfectly veined but because I am a terrible photographer they look like vinyl. *sigh*

This is the view toward the bedroom:

This is the view from the bedroom. It also inspired the secondary color palette:

The next post will detail the accents. And they are-a plenty.......

I hope you like our bathroom as much as we do!


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