Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Expanding My Mind.

Another garage sale find today.  This has to be one of my favorites. 

I showed up really late to a sale and the place was nearly cleared out.  They had sold a household of furniture and most of their odds and ends in a matter of hours.  Just as I was kicking myself for getting the extra two four hours of sleep I spotted a pile of books in the corner. There was a billion of them and you could tell they were once a bright blue but had been faded from years of sitting in the sun. The price said ten dollars.  The lady that was running the yard sale noticed that I was checking them out and said told me that they were the complete works of Shakespeare.  And said I could have them for five dollars.  SOLD!

I needed a reference point for how big the stack of books was.  Yes I realize it looks like I bought orange juice on this garage sale expedition.  And yes I like my orange juice with medium pulp.

I love how faded the books are and that they fit into the office color scheme beautifully.  All in all there were 39 books (37 of Shakespeare's plays, a book of his sonnets and somehow a copy of Cyrano De Bergerac). I paid just about thirteen cents a copy.  What a great deal.

 When I told the lady I would take them she kind of squealed with joy and told me that she was happy that someone who enjoyed literature would be taking them home.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that I wanted them for their aesthetic qualities and not because I wanted to add some culture in my life (I get enough of that from Real Housewives, thank you very much). But maybe I'll start flipping through them? 

Here they are scattered all over the place.  There really are a lot of them!


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