Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Best Bathroom of All Time!

I set myself up with that title, huh?

I really and truly believe that D. and I created the best bathroom of all time. But its the best bathroom for US, so your definition could differ.

I'm not going to chat too much about what we did.  I'll let the pictures (mostly) speak for themselves.

We installed heated flooring:

We waterproofed the hell out of the shower walls - which is why they're pink - and then installed mosaic tile on the floors, both in the shower and on the rest of the floor.

We added a marble mosaic tile border to the shower:

We chose a classic subway tile pattern for the rest of the shower. It goes floor to ceiling.

Marble went on all of the thresholds in the shower:

And then we had a completed bathroom...............hahahaha. Just kidding. It took a lot longer, but I'm going to show the finished pictures anyway. Starting with the shower.

This is probably the MOST amazing shower in the history of indoor plumbing. It has a rainhead shower fixture and a wand.

My one regret? Why didn't I clean the outside of that EFFING window? Seriously? I'm an idiot...

The rest of the bathroom is nearly as fabulous. We wanted lots of storage and we got it. Big thanks to our cabinet makers who didn't necessarily agree with my choices, but always listened and then did what I wanted. They are the best!


Installation of the linen closet:

The linen closet is in place. Hallelujah!

Finally, everything else in place. Including the marble counters:

A note on the marble counters......God I wish I was a photographer. They look beige in every picture I take but in reality they are the perfect grey/white/greige.  Seriously, they are perfectly veined but because I am a terrible photographer they look like vinyl. *sigh*

This is the view toward the bedroom:

This is the view from the bedroom. It also inspired the secondary color palette:

The next post will detail the accents. And they are-a plenty.......

I hope you like our bathroom as much as we do!


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Sunday, January 11, 2015

One More Time...Part 1

Once upon a time I created a blog. Then I realized that everyone, everywhere could see my life and my house. And then I realized that these phantom people could judge and comment and oh my God everyone's judging me and they hate what I'm doing and I am the worst. 


Then I remembered that the only people that have ever even heard of my blog are people I love, so I should show them the crazy things I've done. I'm really proud of our bathroom and I really want to share it, so.....here we go!

D. and I redid our bathroom.  We did an amazing job. I did the demo (which took an afternoon) but he put it back together in the most glorious way.

We hired out the drywall: that's a job we hate and the hanging/taping/mudding/sanding AND finishing cost us $350USD and that includes the drywall guy coming back twice to fix something that was OUR mistake. He also did some work in our living room for free.  Needless to say...we love him!

We also had the cabinets custom made. Ohhhhh, the cabinets.  They were expensive -to us- but soooo worth it. THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. Exactly what we wanted and so perfectly made....

Here's the thing....the bathroom was perfectly functional before we started but we had so many complaints.

It had a huge bathtub and a tiny shower. D. and I never take baths, but showers are an everyday (sometimes twice-a-day) event.  Strike One.

The shower was itty bitty and so ugly. Strike Two.

We couldn't open most of the drawers of the vanity and it had seen better days. Strike Three.

The only time I take a bath is when I'm sick and this is where our tub goes sideways. Not literally.   One edge of the tub was on an exterior wall and that wall was not insulated so I'd fill the tub but it couldn't hold heat. It was so deep and it was on an exterior wall so the water would never get above lukewarm.  Not ideal for someone that takes baths only when they want the water screaming hot.

Whoops, I skipped ahead a bit. But I hated this bathroom, so it deserves the extra strikes..

We couldn't open most of the drawers of the vanity and the rest of the decor was dated.

It was time for an upgrade:

Before Pictures....

This was our view from bed every morning. 

The shower.  It was like an awful stand-up tanning booth.

The toilet was directly opposite of the shower. Check out our fancy plunger.....

Shower/bath perspective.  This is the only picture I have of the bath.  Apparently I did not want a memory of it.

Looking back to the master bedroom. The bathtub is to the left.

More bedroom perspective. Potato quality.

Ooooh.  Fancy mirror, reflecting the tub and my hygiene products,

Yes, this is the fanciest sink you'll ever see,,,,,Jealous?
Everything came out. EVERYTHING!!!!!  I personally ripped this bathroom down to the studs. I don't have any pictures of the demo because it went really fast. Actually, I don't have pictures because a dead mouse fell on my head so I was mad at the world and not interested in taking pictures. This is the best I can do.....

This is post demo, post insulation installation, and mid-drywall.

We donated all of the fixtures to Habitat for Humanity. I tried to give the bathtub to our UPS guy but he said it was bigger than his entire bathroom at home...I told you it was giant. The vanity found another life in our garage as the greatest shop storage of all time.

I'm going to leave it here. The final product will be in the next post.  I'm not going to draw this out.

Here's a preview...

I can promise you....this isn't even close to the best part of my bathroom.....STAY TUNED :)


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