Saturday, September 29, 2012


Surprise.  I'm back.  And today is the first day of my off-season. Thank you baby Jesus, I'm done for the winter. 

My on-season was great.  I love my job but hate being away from home so it's a double-edged sword.  I also hate being away from here.  I thought I could do projects and blog about them at the same time but it just couldn't happen.  A home decor blog without projects is lame but I did do bunch of things this summer so I'll catch you all up in the next few's a preview......

This blog is not sponsored by Diet Coke, just fueled by it.

This is just a couple of the projects I worked on in the past three months.  I have a few more in the works and a bunch in the planning stage.  Things are about to get real.  Hear that sound?  My husband is ducking and running for cover.....


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