Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Before and After

This is probably one of the most dramatic changes I made in the house. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is before:

I can't tell whether is was a boy or girl's room because of the use of both blue and pink paint.  I guess they were going for unisex?  Hmmmm. 

What you can't see clearly is that on top of the blue paint was what can only be described as a "nail polish finish."  Like, red glitter nail polish painted on the walls.  I still cannot figure out what they used to get the glossy, glittery finish on top of that baby blue paint.

And the carpet. Oh, the carpet!  It was as if a child was given a gallon of grape juice and then just let loose (My husband came up with that one, but it fits perfectly).  Or maybe it was red wine which would just about explain its presence on both the floors and walls.  Yes, it must have been a drunk toddler.  Case closed.

I conned my sister into coming to help repaint.  I knew that we would need a primer for that glitter stuff, but I had no idea we would need four coats of primer!  It was awful.  I would roll up the wall and the paint would go on and then I would roll back down and that newly applied paint would come back off!  It was so frustrating.

Once we finally got the primer on (did I mention it was four coats? Oh, I did? Okay, moving on.) we painted the bottom of the walls a warm brown color and the sloped part of the walls and the ceiling a plain white for contrast.

The quilt was made by my sister-in-law and it was a jumping off point for the whole rooms color scheme.  It's absolutely beautiful and sooo warm.  My husband made the bed, nightstand, lamp and salvaged the wood stump from the forest.  It all fits so perfectly in there!  The stump is probably my favorite part of the room, but getting it upstairs was a feat.  It must weigh a million pounds.

We found all of this furniture at antique or thrift stores and it's a nice little sitting/reading area. 

This room is far from finished and I have plenty of ideas to get it all wrapped up. But for now, I'm just happy it isn't a kaleidoscope of ugly.........with glitter on top!


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  1. I remember this.... but not fondly! That glitter paste/paint stuff was a pain in the a$$.


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