Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Curb Appeal!

I am finally tackling an area of the house that has been ignored for quite some time.  It's the front of the house.  Well, actually it's the back of the house, but it's where the front door is located.  Confused?  Our driveway comes up from the street and then wraps around the house to the garage and front door.  From now on I will call it the north side of the house.

We don't really spend much time on the north side.  It has a much bigger deck but the view isn't quite the same as the south side:

North side.
South side.
The north side of the house has been woefully neglected, so I took it upon my self to change that.  The first job I tackled also turned out to be the easiest.  Our garage door was looking a little grungy so I scrubbed it down with a homemade concoction of bleach, dishwashing detergent and hot water.  I added the bleach because moss grows EVERYWHERE in our neck of the woods so I wanted something that would kill the spores.

I took this picture when I was halfway finished.  You can really see the dirt and moss at the bottom, right side of the door, but the whole thing was kind of a mess.

So much better!  It only took me about ten minutes but it makes a HUGE difference.

Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky with the next projects.  In fact, I'm still working on it :(

Update soon!


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