Sunday, October 14, 2012


This is kind of a flow of consciousness.  A bunch of things that have been happening around here since fall has befallen us.  Ultimately it hasn't rained since July (!!!) and in the past few days it has more than made up for that and then there was a water main break so it was all "water, water, everywhere"  Except for the tap. Booo.

Now for the snippets.  Lots of pics, few words.  You're welcome.

So it hasn't rained here since July. Oh, I mentioned that already?  Whoops.  But no rain around here for two months catches people's attention.  It also destroys dahlias.  The excess weight of the rain just busts those bad boys.

Next year we stake!  Or go with something different.....

Now for lots of pictures....

New trees!  A Magnolia and a Smoke tree to be exact.  ( Top to bottom)

My very favorite tree in the world.  Vine Maple.

All of the hanging baskets are still holding on.  It amazes me that I still have flowers growing in mid-October.  The last picture gives a sneak peak at the latest curb appeal project.

I forgot about the water.

All of the water!  The F%@&$ing water.  Funny how it can immediately irritate me.

The garage has reached critical mass (as described by the husband...)

So many projects crammed in here..... Honey, I promise it will look better after Christmas!  PS- A few of those boxes are yours....


Downstairs bedroom update/reveal.

What lies beneath???

Finally.  To my husband.  Thanks for doing what you do.  You're wonderful, my love!


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