Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What have YOU been doing?

I've been waiting and waiting for new posts and not one of you have posted a single thing!!

Oh wait, that's not how my blog works.  I post stuff for YOU to look at, not the other way around. Whoops. 

Let's just jump back into it then, shall we?

I haven't shown the main living area of our house because I haven't been all that happy with it.  And that's terrible because it's where I spend 99.9999% of my time.

Here's a picture from when we first moved in.

There's a bunch of stuff wrong with this picture.  No rug. Teeny-tiny TV stand. Different length curtains. Visible cords and speakers. Demonic cat. Showing the world I wear Crocs. Etc, etc, etc.
I fixed most of the problems but there's no helping that cat. He'll be crazy for the rest of his days. And although the Crocs remain a deep source of personal shame, I'm just going to shoulder that burden. Haha.
Here's how it currently looks.

The only thing left to do is find a new sofa and chair.  The leather ones are soooo comfy but they are a little big for the space.  I'm thinking about something like this:


There are still a few changes in the works but I am (*SNL reference alert*) SOFA KING  happy with it so far. Lol.
I'll post more in depth about a few things in future posts.  See you in another three months.

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