Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Favorite Room. So far.....

I thought I would highlight what has become my favorite room in the house.  Especially since I am so close to finishing it.  So. Very. Close.  You saw a tiny little piece of it after I finished the valance, but now you'll get a full meal deal tour.

As I mentioned before, I refer to it as my sister's bedroom.  It's actually one of the guest bedrooms on the second floor.  It's not a very big room in comparison to the other bedrooms but it fits a queen bed and a dresser nicely.

I'll do my best to give sources for the things in the room.  Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the paint color but I know it was Behr paint.  This came back to bite me in the ass when we wanted to paint my husband's man cave the same color.  He end up peeling a quarter size chip from behind the baseboard so we could get it color matched at Home Depot.  I've since learned to write the paint color down, lol.

Here's the bed.  I made the queen sized headboard and hammered in a nailhead detail.  I actually took the easy route and used nailhead strips.  I got mine here

All of the fabric on the pillows is from thrift stores.  The flowery one is a Waverly print and it's selling for 35 dollars a yard right now.  I got two yards for 3 dollars!

The bedside lamps are from Ikea.  The two bedside tables are from a local antique store and were 30 dollars apiece.  Here's a better look at the headboard. 

Taking a 180 degree turn, here's the view if you were laying in bed. 

My husband found the dresser at the ReStore.  It was only 45 dollars because it has a gouge out of the top.  A gouge which I hide with those two vases from Ross.  He sanded it down and refinished it and it looks AMAZING, gouge and all.

The mirror above is a frameless mirror from Ikea. I bought some baseboard from Home Depot and my husband attached it to the mirror.  It's perfectly customized for the space and it cost about 15 dollars.

I bought those faux cherry branches from Crate and Barrel a million years ago. The towels are from Wal-Mart and the hooks they hang on came from Amazon.

Here's a better look at the dresser:

The little luggage rack came from Goodwill and it was 7.99.  I may have squealed like a little girl when I saw it.  I had been looking for one for a loooong time and I had about resigned myself to paying 80 dollars for one from Ballard Designs.  But the gods of thrifting came through at the last minute. I bought some canvas belt material from Joann's and stapled it in place.

Moving on.  Here's the one and only window in the room.  Which is why it's so damn hard to get a well-lit picture in here!  I've already showed you the valance and roller shade I made so I'll skip it.  Here's the chair that started it all.

Sorry about the picture quality.  I found the chair at the ReStore.  It was 40 dollars and I planned on reupholstering it until I actually put in the room.  I really like the dusty rose fabric color with the paint color.  And so I decided to accent the room with pink. I think it balances the masculinity of all of the grey and metal accents.

Finally, on the opposite wall from the chair is a little gallery wall.

I ordered the frames from E-Bay and the pictures inside is from a book I ordered off of Amazon called "Wildflowers in America."  All six pictures have a hint of pink in them and tie in nicely with the rest of the room.  I got the mats in the frames cut to size at a local framing store.

Close-up time!

And there you go.  My favorite room in the house.  I love how it came together and all for only about 1100 dollars.  That includes the bed and mattress from Costco for about 650 dollars and the carpet which was a remnant from a local store for 175 dollars(!!!).


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  1. My favourite room in the house as well!

  2. wow. super nice touches. looks great and very comfortable to boot.


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