Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Bathroom. The Before.

When we first moved in to our house it had sat empty for quite awhile.  And it had no water but it was still being toured by anonymous people looking to buy it.  All of this equaled disgusting bathrooms.  As an aside......who uses toilets that don't work? Yuck.

Beyond the yuckiness factor, the bathrooms were also looking a little dated. 

Lots of lovely faux gold fixtures and vinyl flooring. Plus a pedestal sink.  I HATE pedestal sinks. I get that they are space saving, but where do you hide all of the cleaning supplies?

The wall color actually looks alright in these pictures but in person it was a peachy builder beige that was not lovely.

Let the demo begin...

That last picture was where the mirror once was and the person that hung it used an entire tube of construction adhesive. Removal was challenging to say the least.  The mirror did eventually come off but attached to it was a considerable amount of drywall. Boooo.

Another part of the game plan was to replace the showerhead and all of the other shower components.  They were not only ugly but not very functional.

Mmmm, shower scum.

So off to the big box store we went.  I found a great shower/bath fixture on sale. didn't fit.  My husband phoned the manufacturer and it turns out that they had discontinued all of the fixtures that would fit our plumbing configuration.  So frustrating!  If we wanted to replace the set, we would have to replace our entire fibreglass shell.  Yeah, that was not going to happen on our budget.

Well, that's all for today.  Stay tuned for the After.  It's so much better now!!!!!


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