Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whoops a Daisies

"No one has said 'whoops a daisies' for fifty years and even then it was only little girls with blonde ringlets."

Name that movie......

Okay. I'll name that movie since I hate when I see "name that movie" and I can't name the movie because I have no recollection for movie quotes and then I have no idea what anyone is talking about....

It was Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.  Funny.

This post has gone so sideways, even I'm confused.

Moving on.

I have been showing you bits and pieces of how I achieved my office space.  And I will continue to show you bits and pieces unless my ADD takes over and I show you something else (oooooh, look...something shiny!)

Enough with the jibber-jabber.  Here's a picture:

Hey look, you can see my reflection in the glass.  That's about the best picture you are ever going to see of me on this blog.

I had an old Ribba frame hanging around and decided to put it to good use.

Sidenote: Does anyone else start to desperately grab at things on their way out of Ikea? It's really smart of them to have the picture frame section towards the end of the maze. I start to panic that I haven't made my trip worth while by that point and I just indiscriminately grab at items.  Hence the extra picture frame.....

This tutorial had been featured in a million different places for good reason: It's cheap and it's lovely.

As you can see, I didn't feel it was prudent to deviate much from the original.

Ellementary Home's tutorial is right here.  I encourage you to learn from that site as opposed to mine. I take too few pictures.  Boooo:  Off For the Season. Yay:  Ellementary Home!

I can give you the basics:

1. Put on the darkest clothing you own;

2. Find that baseball hat that has been sitting at the very back of your closet; Put it on. And make sure face can be completely covered by it:

3. Drive to Wal-Mart/Home Depot/Your local paint store. Bonus points for covering your license plate with mud before you leave the house;

4. Non-chalantly stroll ( YOU MUST STROLL!) to the paint section;

5. Find the paint samples that turn your crank.....AND......

6. Take as many as you feel comfortable taking. Or as I do: take all of them.

Once you get your bounty home, cut each piece into the appropriate size, glue them to an appropriate canvas and the pat yourself on the back.  (I told you to check out the links......those people are so much smarter than me!)

For those of you that are quaking in their boots about taking that many paint chips: Here's the thing....they are free.  It's like free samples at Costco...there's nothing stopping you from taking each and every chimichanga morsel. Actually, there is a person with gloves and a hairnet, but as I often say: "Damn the man!!!!" 

Actually I never say that. Funny enough a lot of people consider me "the man" which is another story for another time. I do justify my excessive paint-chip-taking by spending a ridiculous amount of money there every month.  And I rarely take samples at Costco.  Consider my freebie karma even. much chatter, so few's more:

There she is on the wall.  Man, I love that.  Basically the whole thing cost me the amount I put out for the frame.  So about 20 bucks.

There's a obligatory shot of my work plus my cat.  As a person that is sans-child, I reserve the right to include many, many pictures of my cats.  Lol.  Enjoy.

This post has now come full circle.  Now is the time that I explain the post title.  As you may know, Ikea generally includes wire hangers with their larger picture frames. In fact that is the only option they offer so I decided to out-fox Ikea.  Big Mistake.

 I super-glued some scrap wood to the cardboard on the back of the frame.  It sat flush with the frame when I as done.  I then used a few Command Strips to attach it to the wall. Let me just say that I have never, ever had problems with the Command Strips.  I love them.........but for some reason things went terribly, terribly wrong.  Sigh. 


Whoops a Daisies.

Here we go......I was innocently watching Southland (best show on television!) when I heard a crash.  Of course I ignored it until I went to bed and saw this tragic accident. Booo.

My beautiful work of art (stick with me, okay) had fallen and disintegrated into a million pieces.  I still haven't fixed it but I long for the day that it will be hung in its rightful place. *frowny face*

Ever had something you love go terribly wrong?  Tell me more......


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