Monday, March 26, 2012

The Handy Husband Revealed (sort of....)

My hubby hates having his picture taken almost as much as I do so there won't be a glamour shot of the two of us.  What I am going to do is showcase some of the amazing pieces that he has made over the years.

We are lucky to have a really good source for used wine barrels. There are a lot of people doing fantastic things with with barrel staves and my husband happens to be one of them.

The table is 33 inches high and about 27 inches across at its widest point.  The legs and shelves are reclaimed from the wine barrel. 

From the top:

Another wine barrel project is an amazing wine rack.  He used the entire barrel as the main structure and then staves to act as shelves for the wine bottles.

There's actually wine in it for once! 

This next project is a little different.  My husband found some wood that had been infected with some sort of virus.  It causes the wood to warp and bubble in the craziest way....

A close-up of the diseased wood:

This is just a few of the beautiful pieces that my husband has created.  I will definitely be featuring more of them in the future.  He's working on a small console table out of barn wood for the office as we speak.  Not literally as we speak, he's actually at work.  Somebody has to bring home the bacon, but it is in production.....

I'm trying to convince my husband to start his own blog and feature the amazing things that come out of his shop. He's talented AND a great writer but I don't think his wife alone will convince him to join the world of blogging.  If you like what you see and want to know how the magic happens, leave a comment!


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  1. I recently became interested in working with diseased wood and wanted to see what others have done, stumbled into your good husbands hall table. I think you should blog for him as you do. Of course he would make a great blogger and writer but one cannot do everything. I respectfully suggest you allow him the comfortable ignorance of the ways of the web and represent and glorify him as part of your blogging efforts. Thanks for the glimpse.


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